Anónimo asked: Necesitas borrar la foto de Sara y su hijo pq es privada y no es la tuya.

Anónimo asked: Where did Irene said this about the photo?

Irene has asked a fan club in instagram, from where got the photo because it was the whatsapp Sara

Photo of Sara and Martin

Sara's sister, Irene said that the photo of Sara Martin is your whatsapp, so it is a very personal picture of Sara that someone has stolen, and has been posted on the internet without your permission.

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Anónimo asked: In wich Twitter account?

It is not known who has hung the picture, but it was everywhere, twitter, instagram and Sara forums

Anónimo asked: From where is this new foto of Sara and Martín? Iker doesnt post it 😳

I dont know. I have found in twitter


Iker and Sara with fans today.

Anónimo asked: Where do you find this fotos privadas? :-)

In Instagram or Twitter